philip moorePhilip Moore. BSc. Hon. (Counselling & Psychotherapy)

“The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination.” Carl Rogers.

The world we live in is constantly challenging, particularly if we are already feeling stressed or anxious. This stress can lead to lasting feelings of sadness, anxiety or depression. But this does not have to be the case. We all have within us the ability to live a more fulfilled and happier life. A good therapist helps realise this potential by facilitating self-discovery and acceptance and using this for emotional growth.


BSc (Hons) Counselling and Psychotherapy, Middlesex University.


My therapeutic philosophy

I’m a believer that life is tough and challenging but it is also beautiful and full of wonderful experiences that can get overlooked because of the stresses in our lives. I’m a psychotherapist in private practice and my mission is to help my clients deal with life’s challenges while also being aware of, and enjoying, the gifts in their lives. Today I am privileged to work with people helping them make positive life changes bringing them closer to who they really are, helping them align the inner and outer expressions of their lives.

“The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely” C. G. Jung

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself, just as I am, then I can change.” Carl Rogers


My Treatment Orientation

Integrated: Humanistic, emphasising people’s capacity to make rational choices and develop to their maximum potential. Person-Centred, having unconditional positive regard for the client’s humanity as expressed by their values and behaviours. Gestalt, or that the whole of an object or scene is more important than its individual parts. Existential, the search for meaning focusing on free will and self-determination. I would also use cognitive and behavioural techniques (CBT) and I have a particular interest and specialist training in (EMDR), Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing.



● Each client therapeutic relationship is unique.
● We are imperfect beings but we are natural survivors.
● Healthy living means being able to thrive despite a world with uncertainty and ambiguity.
● The sooner the intervention the easier to achieve a positive outcome.
● Life is a wonderful journey.

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