I have an article in the Irish Golf Review for 2020 to be published in December outlining the positive results I’ve had working with ten golf “Yips” sufferers. Here’s a flavour of the article…

Want a cure for “The Yips”? Most likely you’re looking in the wrong place!

Looking in the wrong place entails wasting valuable golfing years and pleasure trying every technical tip under the sun only to be disappointed. A horrible “Groundhog Day” experience of yip tips! 

Why? Because what we golfers call “The Yips” is, in fact, a condition called “focal dystonia”, a psychological disorder that affects our ability to control fine movement. It is characterised by clumsy muscle control or even the inability to make any movement when in the form of LMS (Lost Move Syndrome). The Dystonia Medical Research Association likens the affected nerve transmission to a “computer virus” or “hard drive crash” of a person’s internal programming and movements.



Just a couple of observations arising from my work with “Yips” clients to date. The first is that the very small population of “Yips” sufferers I’ve worked with were all reasonably successful in their careers. Then again given that they were all members of golf clubs that was hardly a surprise it could be said with justification. However, there’s a thread of seriousness and application to varying degrees running through the group that’s identifiable. Maybe that same career characteristic focus on standards and goal achievement makes a short putt feel like it’s something more significant than it is. The second curiosity is a client that appears to have lost a “stammer” as well as the “Yips”! isn’t the mind a wonderful thing.


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