What happens in a therapy session?

Basically we talk. You will often hear psychotherapy and counselling referred to as “talk therapy”. In the main the talking is done by the client because a therapy session is the client’s safe space to reveal their innermost thoughts and feelings in a totally non judgemental environment. In and of itself this alone is often a therapeutic experience.
In a special relationship with the therapist though the client’s revelations are explored
so the client fully understands themselves – an essential start to any form of therapy.
Among the therapist’s responsibilities at this stage is the creation of a unique relationship where the therapist’s psychological skills can be used to help alleviate the client’s pain and encourage positive change.

How often do you need to come?

Not a straightforward question to answer depending on the variables below.

  • Your particular mental state or situation
  • Severity of your symptoms
  • How long you’ve had symptoms or have been dealing with your situation
  • How quickly you make progress
  • How much stress you’re experiencing
  • How much your mental health concerns interfere with your day-to-day life
  • How much support you receive from family members and others